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About Us

Dell'Orio is a family owned business, inspired by the beauty, style, scenery and traditions of Venice. Our name honors Campo San Giacomo Dell’Orio; one of the many charming squares in Venice, in which some of our beloved family members live.

Gift giving has an important and valuable meaning in the Italian culture, since gifts are supposed to signify love, good fortune, health and happiness for those who receive them. Therefore, presenting a gift or a favor that represents uniqueness, strength, elegance and beauty, reflects the good wishes of the giver.

Through our products we want you to feel closer to the harmony of the streets, the architecture, the cheerful feeling and history of one of the most remarkable places on earth. Silvia Tudela Ceotto and Mauro Ceotto in Venice Italy

How it all started?

Inspired by the romantic and mesmerizing streets of Venice, we wanted to bring our customers in the U.S., unique decor accents, exclusive gifts, and event favors that would surely complement the decoration and atmosphere of any space and special event. We are confident that our luxurious lines of decorative accessories are a great addition to your living and working space. Give this beautiful pieces of art as gifts, or buy them to brighten your favorite place! 

Likewise, whether it is your wedding, baptism, baby shower or any other special celebration, we want to provide you with a memory that will last long in your mind and that of your guests through our uniquely designed favors. 


Mauro & Sylvia T Ceotto

Sylvia Tudela Ceotto and Mauro Ceotto