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The Etiquette Of Gift Giving

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Gifts signify affection, appreciation, celebration!. When we are invited to a party, a wedding or need to send a corporate gift, we start wondering "what to give". There is no one simple rule about gift giving because it all depends on the budget, the relationship to the receiver, the occasion, and the needs and likes of the person who will receive the gift. However, there are some general tips to keep in mind to make the process less complicated.

                     Gift Giving Etiquette

  • For a good start, always keep in mind that gift giving is about the person who receives the gift and not about your personal tastes and likes. Someone will enjoy, keep and appreciate a gift that is meant for them and reflects their lifestyle. In the case of corporate gifts; unless you know the person well, you should keep it simple and give something that is elegant and practical in an office environment.
  • If there is a registry, the best and safest way to go is to buy something from there. Registries make our life simple as the receiver is already telling us what they like and need. Don't try to buy outside the registry, unless you know the person very well and have something in mind that you know will be very useful or much loved.
  • For certain occasions; such as weddings, you should not spend less than a $100, especially if you are taking a guests with you. If it is a best friend or a close relative, you should consider spending more than that.
  • Practical gifts are always well received. Make sure you know what the person needs or has been wanting for a while.
  • Wedding gifts should be sent to the couple's home if possible, as it is inconvenient to have bags and boxes at the wedding venue that will later have to be moved around. Many registries will give you the option to have the gifts shipped straight to the receiver's address for your convenience.
  • Don't buy gifts at the last minute as you risk picking something in a hurry and not something meaningful or personal.
  • If you are completely unsure about what to give, buy a gift certificate and let the receiver decide what to get. In some instances, couples who have been living together for a while already have most of the items they need, but could use a gift certificate to buy something they like in a specific store.

Most importantly, think about how you feel when you receive a good or bad gift and how many things you have actually kept, loved or used and why.

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