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Valentine's Day... A Romatic Story

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Valentine’s Day is a special and exciting celebration for those in love, and a great excuse for exchanging gifts, having special dinners and dates, and planning romantic engagement proposals. However, there is a deeper side to Valentine’s day that goes beyond gifts, roses and chocolate hearts. 

A legend that transport us to the Roman Empire in the III century, when a prestigious priest called Valentine secretly married young couples, defying the orders of Emperor Claudius; who had forbidden marriage to young men as he tough soldiers without a family were more committed to their duties.              

         Valentine's Day Hearts

The priest was presumably caught, imprisoned and later executed on February 14 of 270. He became a martyr and his legend turned him into the “patron of lovers”. Therefore, we now enjoy a romantic day born from the blend of love stories, popular beliefs and tragedy. 

Next time you celebrate this sweet day, remember you might owe this special occasion to Saint Valentine of Rome.

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