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And Sun Tzu said, “In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity”, and we sure want to believe that and live to these words to overcome the tough and strange times we are living.

2020 has not being a normal year by any means and regardless of to what extent you have been affected by the current events, there is uncertainty, fear, and pain. We want answers that nobody has, and there are no experts when a new and odd virus makes its way into our world.

This all sound gloomy, but as we give a break to the environment, try to find new ways to prosper and get back on our feet, there is opportunity to better ourselves and our decisions.

After the damaging yet necessary lock-downs and quarantines, we learn that life is the present, that we can be very creative when we need to be, and that we are stronger than we ever imagined.

Meanwhile, the Dell’Orio team is wishing you good health, strength, prosperity, and a lot of vacation possibilities once life is back to normal!

We hope this image of our beautiful Venice brings both hope and excitementWe Hope life will be better after Covid-19, Dell'OrioWhen possible, get away, laugh, enjoy, avoid conflict and keep dreaming…

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The Meaning of Favors

Whether your giving your guests an experience, a small treat, a nice box filled with candies, or requests for donations to your favorite charity, favors are a classy way to say thank you to your event attendees. After all, they came to be part of a special day that you will forever remember.        [...]

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Murano Glass is Here to Stay

Let's not forget that one of the most important inventions of humanity happened in Murano, a beautiful small island next to Venice where glass making is very traditional, popular and unique. Galileo Galilei perfected his famous telescope using glass manufactured in Murano and later presented his revolutionary creation in Venice for approval and then to [...]

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Venice, So Unique...

No wonder Galileo Galilei presented his revolutionary telescope in this city for the first time, Antonio Vivaldi composed some of his best violin concertos, the eccentric Giacomo Casanova lived multiple adventures around its streets, and Andrea Palladio influence the world with his architectural style.                       [...]

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Dell'Orio Featured in Urbano Mix Magazine

The Fall edition of Houston's Urbano Mix Magazine, is featuring Dell'Orio's products, profile and our latest events. We thank the magazine for the article written about us and the story behind how we decided to start bringing new decorative pieces from Italy. We are excited that people are getting to know our brands and are giving [...]

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Dell'Orio Celebrating Italian Decor Designs

On July 7, Dell'Orio had the pleasure to team up with Studio Snaidero Houston, to organize an event to promote Italian decor and designs. We are excited about the success and happy to have had wonderful guests visiting us and getting to know our brands.  Dell'Orio glassware, decor accents and bar-ware collections from Argenesi, E-Casa and [...]

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Wine & Food Week, Woodlands TX

This past June, we had the pleasure of being part of the Wine & Food Week 2016 at different events in the Woodlands TX. We showed our products and met great people promoting and supporting the extraordinary Italian taste celebrated this year. As part of the Italian Community in Houston, we wanted to show our brands [...]

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Honeymoon Top Spots

Love is in the air and we just passed the famous engagement season, therefore many couples are ready to tie the knot and go through the time consuming process of planning the perfect wedding. We thought we could give you some suggestions about awesome honeymoon destinations and make this search easier for you.              [...]

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Valentine's Day... A Romatic Story

Valentine’s Day is a special and exciting celebration for those in love, and a great excuse for exchanging gifts, having special dinners and dates, and planning romantic engagement proposals. However, there is a deeper side to Valentine’s day that goes beyond gifts, roses and chocolate hearts. A legend that transport us to the Roman Empire in the III century, [...]

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Fun Facts about the Venice Carnival

Our beloved Venice; symbol of romance, beauty and love, is celebrating its annual carnival in this month of February and to honor the tradition, we wanted to share some fun facts about its history. The Carnival started as a tradition of the noble people to hide behind masks and costumes to mix with the commoners of Venice and dance around [...]

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