Home & Space Fragrances

Step into the world of enchanting fragrances and warm glows. Our online store is a haven for those who seek to elevate their everyday moments with the flicker of a flame or a magic scent.

We invite you to discover the story behind our passion for room fragrances. Learn about the artisans, scents, and inspirations that fuel our commitment to bringing light and joy into your life.

Explore our selection of handcrafted candles, each one carefully curated to transform your space into a sanctuary of tranquility. From soothing lavender to invigorating citrus blends, our aromas are designed to uplift your spirits and create an ambiance of relaxation and comfort.


Event Favors

Planning a wedding, baby shower or any other special event, is both exciting and time consuming, and finding the guest favor only means more work.

We know you are searching for the items that represent your personality, likes and feelings, and through these objects you expect your family and friends to remember you; both as you are, and as you wish to be thought of.


We offer favors to hosts seeking to leave a memory of elegance and sophistication in their guests’ minds. Our products represent the true perfection and artistry of Italian unique design and labor, while supporting the inspiring work of creative artists. You will see the attention to detail in every gift and favor we offer.

Whether it is your wedding, baptism, baby shower or any other special celebration, we want to provide you with a memory that will last long in your mind and that of your guests through our uniquely designed favors.

Inspired by Italy: My Journey into Home Fragrances & Event Favors

Italy, a land of art, culture, and captivating scents, sparked the idea for this fragrance and favor business. As I wandered through the unique streets of Venice, strolled along the picturesque Siena and walked on the Tuscan fields, it seemed like each scent carried a story, a memory, and an emotion, igniting a passion within me to find these particular essences.

Likewise, I discover unique party favor ideas in Italy which was a delightful experience. From traditional keepsakes to modern twists, the options are endless and the ideas and inspiration, too creative to ignore.

Dell'Orio proudly carries products made in Italy and the USA. 


Sylvia T Ceotto