Venice, So Unique...

Posted by Sylvia T Ceotto on Oct 10th 2016

Venice, So Unique...

No wonder Galileo Galilei presented his revolutionary telescope in this city for the first time, Antonio Vivaldi composed some of his best violin concertos, the eccentric Giacomo Casanova lived multiple adventures around its streets, and Andrea Palladio influence the world with his architectural style. 

                   Santa Maria Della Salute        

Venice is a city of inspiration, magic, art & history. Within its small alleys thousands of secrets are whispered to those who are willing to listen. Almost magically, ideas start to flow, new art is created and history continues to be written.

                 Grand Canal Venice by Sylvia Tudela Ceotto

Through our brands and designs we invite you to join us in a memorable trip around small islands of beauty, the wonderful Piazza San Marco, Ponte di Rialto and the singular islands of Murano and Burano.

                       Doge's Palace Venice Italy - by Sylvia Tudela Ceotto