Covid-19 and It's impact in our lives

Posted by Sylvia T Ceotto on Jun 26th 2020

Covid-19 and It's impact in our lives

And Sun Tzu said, “In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity”, and we sure want to believe that and live to these words to overcome the tough and strange times we are living.

2020 has not being a normal year by any means and regardless of to what extent you have been affected by the current events, there is uncertainty, fear, and pain. We want answers that nobody has, and there are no experts when a new and odd virus makes its way into our world.

This all sound gloomy, but as we give a break to the environment, try to find new ways to prosper and get back on our feet, there is opportunity to better ourselves and our decisions.

After the damaging yet necessary lock-downs and quarantines, we learn that life is the present, that we can be very creative when we need to be, and that we are stronger than we ever imagined.

Meanwhile, the Dell’Orio team is wishing you good health, strength, prosperity, and a lot of vacation possibilities once life is back to normal!

We hope this image of our beautiful Venice brings both hope and excitementWe Hope life will be better after Covid-19, Dell'Orio

When possible, get away, laugh, enjoy, avoid conflict and keep dreaming…